Zig-Zag Glue Thread Splicing Machine


  • longitudinal glue threading of veneer strips
  • highest throughput speeds
  • short throughput distance
  • virtually unlimited veneer strip and layon widths due to freestanding gluing head
  • miminum veneer strip width of 20 mm
  • veneer thicknesses of up to 3 mm
  • ideal for splicing of buckled and wavy veneers
  • simple operation, maintenance free operation, few wear parts
  • functional, reliable and good value for money

Freestanding Gluing Head

Due to the freestanding gluing head, the processable veneer strip and layon widths are virtually unlimited.

Handstitcher HS-2

  • repairing and cross gluing of veneer strips and layons
  • control lever to set gluing temperature
  • two thread reels ensure high joint durability

Glue Thread

We recommend usual glue thread, for example SIFA 910 NH manufactured by Herbert Schümann Papierverarbeitungswerk GmbH in Stadtallendorf, Germany. Please see for further information.