Veneer Longitudinal Splicing Machine


  • Data memory of machine programs for repetitive productions.
  • Electrically driven motor, separate for chains and glue application
  • Glue applies at the edge of the new added veneer strip, which increases the strength of the glue joint
  • Robust, durable and long life stainless steel convyer chain with cradletype joints
  • Touch panel displaying temperatures, speed, and pressure settings
  • Quick and easy accessible glue pot for fast and simple refilling or cleaning
  • Easy adjustable and consistent glue application on the veneer edge
  • Six different heating zones for individual temperature settings
  • Extended glue pot life due the including cooling unit
  • Continuous variable infeed speed

Touch panel

Touch panel control with simple icons; possibility to save the setting of every veneer essence

Glueing unit

Integrated glue pot with glue wheel on the right side

Infeed system

Three different modalities of work: optic control, foot-switch and peunmatic stopper

Conveyor chain

Stanilees steel chains