Veneer Conveying Systems


  • in- and outfeed conveyors, discharge devices, crossfeed belts, single and double layer cross conveyors
  • for the automatic conveying of veneer strips and bundles
  • for the aerating of pre-glued veneer bundles
  • slack zones for continuous and efficient veneer processing

Automated processes

From veneer preparation (cutting, gluing, fanning) to veneer splicing and stacking of layons, veneer conveying systems have become indispensable in automated veneer processing lines. They connect each independent application to one single, highly efficient processing line.

Customised planning and realisation

Each conveying system, be it an in- or outfeed conveyor, a crossfeed belt or a cross conveyor, is planned and realised in a customised fashion in close co-operation with the customer.

Enhanced functionality

Veneer conveyors not only serve the automatic transportation but also the aerating of pre-glued veneer bundles and act as a slack zone to ensure continuous processing.