Veneer Grading Line


  • for the automatic grading and stacking of up to 20 veneer layons per minute
  • optional paper tape or glue thread edge reinforcement
  • accurate layon edge trimming to pre-defined size
  • accurately stacked veneer layons of consistent quality
  • superior room use ratio and more efficient processes compared to traditional layon grading
  • massively reduced time consuption compared to conventional veneer grading

Sequence of Operation

The operator selects the grading box at a push of a button and slides the veneer layon over a light table to the two contact rollers of the edge reinforcing and trimming machine EDGEMASTER (optional). The light of the selected grading box flashes for a visual control of the selected box. The layon is retracted as soon as the two contact rollers of the EDGEMASTER are activated, edge-reinforced and trimmed to the previously set length. The operator has enough time to rate the grade of the layon during this operation and to select the appropriate grading box for stacking.

Once the veneer layon has passed the photo sensor of the first grading box, clearance for infeed of the next veneer face to the EDGEMASTER is given. The layon is then conveyed to the selected grading box, realigned and properly stacked.


The light of the allocated box flashes to facilitate visual control of the selected grading box.

Automatic stacking

As soon as the layon passed the first grading box’s light barrier, the box allocation is irrevocable as the next layon is automatically released for infeed.

Aligning and stacking

The veneer layon is conveyed to the selected grading box and is accurately aligned and stacked.

Adjustable stacking height

The number of layons to be stacked (stacking height) can be select for each individual grading box.

Grading box

The scissor lifting table automatically drops as soon as the grading box is full. The number of grading boxes can be customised.

Layon extraction

The cart filled with neatly stacked veneer layons is now ready for lateral removal.

Programmable logic controller

Different parameter settings on the PLC can be stored to allow for efficient grading and stacking of nearly all kinds of veneer layon species and sizes.