Gluemaster GLN

Glue Application Machine


  • for the double-sided veneer bundle gluing in one pass, independent of veneer length
  • horizontal and vertical roller guides ensure perfect glue application
  • rigid 4-point top roller guiding with „floating“ top rollers
  • accurately adjustable gluing heads guarantee a perfect glue joint
  • fast lateral width adjustment due to two adjustable gluing heads
  • easy maintenance due to accessible and quickly cleaned glue pots
  • integration into inline operation by adding up- and downstream roller conveyors

Pressure rollers

In the instant of glue application, pressure rollers exert pressure on the veneer bundle to press it. This ensures perfect glue application even with difficult, wavy veneers and prevents glue from being applied in between single veneer sheets.

Roller guides

Horizontal and vertical roller guides lock the veneer bundle and prevent slipping during glue application.

Gluing unit

The accurately adjustable glue units guarantee a perfect glue application, essential for fully glued venner joints. It can be used with all standart glues.

Glue application adjustment

Glue application is set up in one touch. This ensures perfect glue application even with changing veneer species and/or thicknesses.