Veneer Bundle Cutting and Gluing

Our PULCHRA double knife guillotines with integrated gluing allow for most efficient automatic veneer bundle cutting and gluing in one pass.

Three veneer bundles are simultaneously processed in continuous mode: the first on the pre-feeding and optimisation device, the second under the front pressure beam and the third under the rear pressure beam in front of the automatic discharge system.

Efficiency made easy:

  • cutting and gluing of up to 3 veneer bundles per minute with one single operator

  • constant surface pressure on the veneer bundle during cutting and gluing accounts for precise glue application along the bundle’s edge, even with buckled sliced and rotary cut veneers

  • high cutting quality and perfect squared-edge cuts due to the swinging knife movement

  • highest possible level of automation owing to fully automatic cutting, gluing and discharging processes

  • significantly less space requirements compared to traditional systems

  • special control modes allow to split up or to double cut veneer bundles

To attain a smooth and perfectly square edge even while processing thick and difficult veneers, the PULCHRA-millcut model is fitted with a milling head. This results in a working precision only achievable in combination with cutting, milling and imminent gluing while the veneer bundle is still tightly pressed